Did You Know That Improperly Fitting Shoes Can Cause Serious Foot Problems

Some people have foot problems that require a certain type of shoe just to accommodate the problem. On the other side of the equation if one wears shoes that do not fit properly then this can cause a diverse number of foot conditions including bunions, calluses and corns, plantar fasciiitis, and other problems such as ingrown toenails and hammertoe.

Many people are familiar with what a bunion is, these are bumps that appear around the joint of the big toe and they can be quite painful. The build up of dead skin cells results in corns which are irritated and increased by wearing improperly fitting shoes that rub your feet or toes. The usual spot that these are found is on the toes and usually result in a cone shape center exposing the nerve endings which results in a great deal of pain and discomfort.

A foot condition that is similar to corns is that of calluses because they too are created from dead skin cells and are the result of the body reacting to pressure and friction, much the same as a sun tan is the result of getting in sunlight, whereas a sunburn is too much sun. The prevention of these simple foot conditions is quite easy if you make sure to choose properly fitting footwear with a wide toe area so that the shoe doesn't restrict the movement of your toes.

A more serious foot condition that results from the over stretching of the plantar fascia running on the bottom of the foot is called Plantar Fasciitis. This serious foot problem can cause pain in the heel and in severe cases this can cause great pain and discomfort when walking. This condition can also be a precursor to other issues like spurs, pain in the arches, and more. If you are suffering from this foot condition you will probably feel intense pain when you first put your feet on the floor after sleeping. The pain will usually subside somewhat as the day goes on. If you have this problem you should never go without shoes, you need to wear shoes with arch supports and those that have good shock absorption.

Hammertoes are another common condition that can cause a great deal of pain and also occurs from wearing shoes that do not fit as they should. If you have ever had an ingrown toenail you know that it can result in a great deal of pain. This condition is from the toenail growing into the skin and can also be avoided in many cases by wearing shoes that are not too tight.


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